Rabbai Israel Weiss, Chief Rabbai of the IDF

IDF Headquarter
The Chief Rabbinate 2nd B’Av, 5763

To the leaders and members of “Lechu Neranena” community – god bless you.

My dear friends! Jealousy, which sometimes considered negative characteristics, is what I feel. I am jealous for the big privilege you’ve got, to convey your prayers to god, in a unique, Jewish and superior manner, the way of “Lechu Neranena” synagogue.
I have two anchors in Givat Shmuel, my two married daughters. The third anchor, which is very strong and won’t be easily disconnected…, is “Lechu Neranena” synagogue.
It is already few years that I follow the rule of “adding and progressing” which is practically achieved in your “small temple”, not small this temple but superior, really superior.
No, nothing bothers me in your synagogue, not the caravan nor its location, not the heat nor cool atmosphere, not the crowding nor the “fancy” plastic chairs nothing bothers me, because when prayers are strengthened by god’s love and lighting soul like yours, everything produce bright light of god’s proximity.
It seems like no one ever said “I need more space” and everybody feel like in the holy temple “standing crowded and bowing wider”, because your place, in my feeling, is the real place, is god. I feel that happiness never left this place, as well as inspiration.
I really believe that there is no tangible, in a place like yours.

In a place with soul – like yours.
Friendship – like yours.
Flame – like yours.
Singing – like yours.
Prayer – like yours.
Torah – like yours.
Dancing, hovering, clapping hands – like yours.

Not like in other places, where the Chazan leads the audience, in your place the audience lead the Chazan, because here, all of you are Shliochei Zibur. And this wonderful community is a human mix of men and women, boys and girls – singing and praying in one voice, one melody, one breath and one soul. And everything, including the voice, is coming from one cord, towards the godly conductor, while you, dear prayers, are the real winners (conductors).
My dear friends, you are in my eyes, the real Haredim (anxious), because clothes are not making the definition, but the inside, the source, the essence, the intention, the execution and the implementation. You are anxious to god’s word, anxious to god’s consecration. You are anxious to the permitted and unnecessary word, you are the real light.
If I may strengthen you and your way, in order to make your prayers willingly accepted by god.

Rabbai Israel Weiss, Brigadier General
The Chief Rabbai of the IDF

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